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Packard Literature and Manuals :: View by Year :: 1956


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  1. 1929-1956 Packard National Automotive Service Data
    Here is the National Automotive Service Data covering Packards from 1929-1956. This contains quick reference on engine mechanicals by model, engine wire diagrams, firing order, etc. This has been broke in sections by series, and by specific models.
  2. 1950 -1956 Complete Utltramatic Service Information
    This is a complete set (3 Parts) of everything Ultramatic. It has all the STB's, Service Counselors, and tons of other stuff in a 3 volume set.
  3. 1951-1956 Turn Signal Wire Diagram
    This is the 1951-1956 Turn Signal Wire Diagram.
  4. 1955 - 56 Instructions for installing Leece-Neville Window Lift Motors
    This is a set of instructions and diagrams for installing Leece-Neville windows lift motors and circuit breakers in 1955 & 1956 Packards equipped with power windows. This document is dated 6-9-60 and I believe this covers new field replacement parts for fixing power motors in 55/56 Packards.
  5. 1955-1956 Flat Rate Manual
    The Flat Rate Manual provides labor times for specific repair operations. Such schedules are usually based on time studies performed under the most optimal of conditions and were used primarily to reimburse dealers for warranty claims.
  6. 1955-1956 Packard Service Manual
    Here is the 1955-1956 Service Manual turned into a PDF and broken down into sections for easy download and viewing.

    **UPDATE** All the sections have been replaced with Higher Quality versions. Thanks to Howard for rescanning this!
  7. 1955-1956 Parts and Accessories List
    Here is the 1955-1956 Packard Part List (also called the Parts Manual). This piece is an essential companion to the Service Manual. Not only does it provide information on what part number is what, more importantly it provides the exploded part views that are needed when rebuilding components.
  8. 1955-1956 Torsion Level Wire Diagram
    This is the 1955-1956 Torsion Level Wire Diagram.
  9. 1955-56 A/C Install Guide
    Here is the 1955-56 A/C Install Guide.

    "Some might get a kick out of this. Even though hang on and trunk units were available and probably much less cost & trouble to install, guess East Grand thought they were not befitting a properly attired Packard so the kit was made available mid 55. Wonder if anyone has info on how much it cost to be done after the fact rather than ordered up front." - Howard
  10. 1955-56 Packard Rochester 4GC Service Information
    Published by the United Motors Division of GM, these sheets provide detailed breakdown of components (with GM Rochester part numbers), adjustments and specifications.
  11. 1955-SAE “The New Packard V-8 Engine”
    This is SAE Paper 560020 (Number 479) which covering “The New Packard V-8 Engine” and was written by W. E. Schwieder from Packard. This was given at a the:

    SAE Golden Anniversary Passenger, Car, Body and Material Meeting at the Sheraton_Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, MI on March 1-3, 1955.

    This cover the history, engineering and mechanics of the new Packard V-8 engine.
  12. 1956 "The New Clipper" Brochure
    This in the 1956 "The New Clipper" Brochure. It has wonderful illustrations of all the various Clipper models.
  13. 1956 56th Series Wire Diagrams
    This is the 1956 56th Series Wire Diagrams.
  14. 1956 A Woman's Place
    This is a Brochure from 1956 that is marketed towards women. It tries to explain all the features from a 1956 Womans point of view
  15. 1956 Accessories Booklet
    This is the 1956 Accessories Booklet. A very interesting read of all the stuff that was available from the dealer in 1956.
  16. 1956 Accessories Brochure
    This is the 1956 Packard Accessories Brochure. This is always nice to read through to see what accessories were available for your car in 1956 from the local Packard Dealer.
  17. 1956 Auto Lite Push Button Motor Service Manual
    The 1956 Packard and Clipper Cars use electric controls of the push button transmission. Auto-Lite units used in the control system are the actuator unit which consists of a motor and a switching device,the control panel assemb!y, the motor reversing relay and a pressure switch. Two other relays (threeon early production) and a thermal circuit breaker are also used in the circuit but are not furnished by Auto-Lite.

    The accompanying Instructions together with this bulletin should be filed in the miscellaneous section of the Service Manual. These instructions explain the operation and servicing of the controls.
  18. 1956 Axle Letter
    This letter was sent out Nov 2, 1955 warning all Packard Dealers that the flanged rear axle shafts produced by one of the vendors for 1956 Packard and Clipper models did not conform to engineering specification and could cause a shaft failure.
  19. 1956 Build Sheet and Production Code Chart
    The availability of optional equipment wasn't always clear from the showroom literature or even the parts catalog, but it was spelled out for the dealers for the purpose of ordering and pricing vehicles via factory-issued Trade Letters, which are rather hard to come by these days.

    To help decode build sheets and production orders and figure out what equipment your car came with as standard and what else was available, optionally, this information has now been summarized in a format similar to what you might have seen in sales brochures in more recent years.
  20. 1956 Clipper Owners Manual
    This is the 1956 Clipper Owners Manual and covers the care, operation and minor maintenance of the vehicle.
  21. 1956 Ditzler Paint Chips
    These are the 1956 Ditzler Packard Paint Chips
  22. 1956 Double Prize Winning Brochure
    This is the 1956 Packard "Double Prize Winning" Brochure that covers the awards for "styling and design" and the torsion suspension system,
  23. 1956 Dupont Paint Chips
    Here is the 1956 Dupont Packard Paint Chips
  24. 1956 Dupont Paint Chips
    This is the 1956 Dupont Paint Chips showing the available colors and combinations.
  25. 1956 Electro Locks Brochure
    This 1956 Brochure explains the Packard Electo Locks that where new for 1956.
  26. 1956 Executive Introduction Invitation
    This was an Invitation that was send out to prespective customers to announce the 1956 Executive.
  27. 1956 Executive Owner's Manual
    This is the 1956 Executive supplement to the standard Packard owners manual. If you have an Executive, you should have this manual, plus the standard one.
  28. 1956 Executive Sales Brochure
    This is the 1956 Executive Sales Brochure. It covers all the features, and information about the 1956 Executive.
  29. 1956 Executive Sales Folder
    This is the 1956 Executive Sales Folder. This explains all the colors, interior, and some of the features and options for the Executive.
  30. 1956 Fact (Data) Book
    Here is the 1956 Salesmen Fact Book. If you have never looked through one of these they contain alot of information. They were used by the salesmen at the dealers explain features. It shows color pictures of every model, and explain on the different systems on the car.
  31. 1956 Packard Accessories Brochure
    This is the 1956 Accessories Brochure that list all of the various accessories that were available for the 1956 Packard.
  32. 1956 Packard and Clipper Paint and Upholsteries Dealer Book
    This is the Dealer Book which contained all the Paint Schemes and Upholstery samples for the 1956 Packard and Clipper lines.

    The paint section is for illustration purposes only and are no true to color. The actual paint named colors are on the last page.
  33. 1956 Packard Owner's Manual
    Here is the 1956 Packard Owner's Manual. If you own a '56, and don't have one of these you should download this. It contains alot of useful information on the care and operation of your '56.
  34. 1956 Packard Sales Folder
    Here is the 1956 Packard Sales Folder this explains at the models, colors, interior options. A nice piece to look at if you own a '56.
  35. 1956 Packard Service Counselors
    Here are the 1956 Packard Service Couselors. These were sent out as addendums to the standard service manuals.
  36. 1956 Parts and Accessories Bulletins/Letters
    Parts & Accesories Bulletins and Letters were sent to advise dealers of matters requiring immediate attention or new items or special pricing in the Parts Dept. Attachments are included, where available.
  37. 1956 Power Pack - Weekly Salesman Training Vol 10-15
    This is the 1956 Power Pack - Weekly Salesman Training Vol 10-15.

    Published Weekly by the Packard-Clipper Division Sales Training Department. A compilation of powerful selling ideas and suggestions for building selling power.
  38. 1956 Power Story Brochure
    This is the 1956 Packard Power Story Brochure. This explains the power behind the V8 and Ultramatic for 1956.
  39. 1956 Predictor Dealer Brochure
    These Tri-Fold Brochures for the Predictor Show Car were sent to Packard Dealers under the the heading of "Presenting Packard's Creative and Styling and Engineering Promise to You".
  40. 1956 Preventive Safety Brochure
    Here is the 1956 Preventive Safety Brochure. This was a sales brochure that explained all the features in the 1956 Model line-up from the prespective of Preventive Safety.
  41. 1956 Rinshed Mason Paint Chips
    These are the 1956 Packard Rinshed Mason Paint Chips
  42. 1956 Salon Showing Invite
    This is the 1956 Salon Showing Invite mailer. This was sent out to potential customer to invite them into their local dealership to view the new 1956 models.
  43. 1956 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs)
    Here is the complete set of 1956 Service Technical Bulletins (STB's). I created the index below to make it easy to find the correct one.
  44. 1956 Smooth Safe Ride Brochure
    This is the 1956 Smooth Safe Ride Brochure that cover the safety features and Torsion Bar suspension.
  45. 1956 Studebaker Passenger Car Shop Manual
    This is the 1956 Studebaker Passenger Car Shop Manual (Service Manual). It covers all the 1956 Studebaker passenger cars including those with the Ultramatic transmissions and Packard engines. So this is why it is included here on the website. I also find the procedural steps easier to understand then the similar sections in the Packard manual for novices like myself. So if I dont understand a glossed over step on something in the Packard manual, and the look at the Stude manual, it makes more sense.
  46. 1956 Studebaker-Packard Corp Paint Chips
    Here are the 1956 Studebaker-Packard Corp Paint Chips.
  47. 1956 Sweetheart Mailer
    This is the 1956 "Sweetheart" Mail that was send to potential customers to invite them into the local dealership to view the new 1956 Clipper models.
  48. 1956 The Story of a Living Legend
    This is an interesting piece. It explains alot of history of the Packard Corporation for the first 17 pages. Then the last few pages are a tie in to the 1956 Packard line.

    So this one is both a nice company history piece as well as a 1956 brochure.
  49. 1956 Torsion Level Ride Brochure
    This is the 1956 Torsion Level Ride Brochure. It covers the benefits of the Torsion Level equipped 1956 Packards and Clippers.
  50. 1956 Torsion Level Suspension Brochure
    This is the 1956 Smooth Safe Ride Brochure that explains the new Packard Torsion Bar Suspension.
  51. 1956 Twin Traction Brochure
    This is the 1956 Twin Traction Brochure that introduces the Twin-Traction Differential.
  52. 1957-1941 Shell Service Charts
    These are Shell Service Charts covering Packards from 1957-1941. Contains lube information, tune up replacement part lists, and model identification.
  53. 1958 S/P Service Bulletin #339
    A number of items concerning Supercharger Fuel Pump, Ultamatic, Twin Traction, Windshield Washers and others.
  54. AEA Packard Tune Up & Wiring Diagram Charts
    These charts, printed on both sides of a single piece of card stock, provide detailed specifications for starting, charging, ignition, fuel and miscellaneous systems - a quick reference for independent service facilities from decades ago. Wiring diagrams are also included - space permitting.
  55. General Letters
    These are General Letters issues by Packard to Zone and/or Dealers on various issues.
  56. HOW TO: Ranco Heater Valve Seal Replacement
    This is a "How-To" on how to replace the valve seal on the Ranco heater valves that were used on most of the Post-War Packards. The seal replacement is typically all that is done in most valve rebuilds. I took all the pictures and while rebuilding my valve and hope you find it usefull.
  57. HOW TO: Rebuild a Trico Mag-Nu-Matic Washer Pump
    This is a How-To article I wrote while rebuilding my Trico Mag-Nu-Matic Windshield Washer Pump. Hopefully it provides information for those looking to rebuild their own pump. Enjoy.
  58. HOW TO: Rebuild the Packard Bendix-Treadlevac Master Brake Cylinder
    This "How To Article" gives step by step directions and pictures on rebuilding the Bendix-Treadlvac Master Brake Cylinder used on 1952-1956 Packards.
  59. HOW-TO: Adapting a Modern Fuel Sender
    This is a great article written by Howard Hanson on how to adapt a modern $18 JC Whitney Fuel Sender to work in the a 56 Packard. According to Howard he belives this should for for any Packard from 1951-56.
  60. How-To: Pushbutton actuator removal guide (Revised)
    a revised version of my earlier document for owners of pushbutton cars to supply to transmission shops or local mechanics (aka "wire cutters") to aid in the proper removal of the pushbutton actuator.
  61. Luster Seal Mailer
    This is a mailer that was sent to customers about Luster Seal that was available from their local Packard dealer. No date, but based on the "S-P" would be 1954-58.
  62. Novi A/C Service Information
    This information was published in "Service Automotive Air Conditioners by Dale Mericle" and was published in 1956. It covers the Novi system that was used by Packard and Studebaker.
  63. Packard Advanced Engineering Division Project No. 354. Dynamic Studies of (Fuel) Injection Nozzles
    This is a set of documents from the Advanced Engineering Division at Packard that was investigating the use of fuel injection on Packard V8 engines. This document provides a rare look at some of the hush-hush R & D that was going on behind the scenes at Packard.
  64. Packard and Studebaker-Packard Annual Corporate Reports
    These Packard and Studebaker-Packard Annual Corporate Reports were prepared each year for the annual stockholders meeting and distributed to the shareholders. They contains interesting information on both what occurred the previous year and also the some outlooks for the coming year. Some contain wonderful pictures of new models, new plant renderings, etc.
  65. Packard Carburetor Application List
    This is a list of carburetor application by model. It is a work in progress and will be edited and updated and information is discovered.
  66. Packard Engine Serial Number Reference
    This is a list of Packard engine serial numbers from 1899-1956. Hopefully this will left to provide not only a reference to those wanting to know if their engine is correct for their model, but also some basic information about all the engine in a quick reference.

    **UPDATED 2/27/12**
  67. Packard Hub Cap and Wheel Cover Identification Guide
    This guide was put together to help identify Hub Caps and Full Wheel Covers that were used on Packard models. This is a work in progress, so it will be updated as folks are able to give me more pictures and information.

    (Updated Rev 4)
  68. Packard Model-Series Progression Chart
    This is a chart showing how the model years and series interrelate with one another. I also tried to show the a specific models evolution across the various years and series. I hope you find it usefull.

    ***UPDATED 11/17/2008***
  69. Packard Patent Filings
    The is a collection of Packard Patent Filings grouped by initial filing date. Please note that Packard filed for patent many years before those items were used in production in some cases.
  70. Packard Post-War Material Cards
    These are sample Material Cards that cover upholstery materials, carpet, and roof materials.
  71. Packard Radio 462047 and 472048 Owners Manual
    This the 1955 (56) Packard Radio 462047 and 472048 Owners Manual. If covers basic operation and usage.
  72. Radio Instructions PA-439661 and PA439665
    This is a single sheet (double sided) set of radio instructions covering Packard radios PA-439661 and PA439665.
  73. RHD V8 Packard Roadtest Article
    Here is a roadtest by a British publication of a right-hand drive V8 Packard. The V8 cars were converted to RHD by Leonard Williams, the London Packard dealer. From 1939 thru 1954 the RHD cars were assembled at Detroit; before that by Packard Canada starting in 1933 I believe.

    There are several things interesting about the RHD conversion. Firstly the V8 models were the first to Dave Czirr knowledge where Packard did not do the conversions themselves, either in Detroit or at Packard Canada. Secondly, the omission of the clutch pedal let them move the two pedals and dimmer switch to the right in the conventional arrangement, previously notably in the early to mid-30s, the accelerator was placed between the brake and the clutch due to the confined space.
  74. SAE Torsion Level Engineering Specification
    A very interesting piece describing the history and engineering specs of the Torsion Level Suspension
  75. Service Development Bulletins
    These are the Sevice Development Bulletins that were sent to the Zones and Dealers to cover a number changes in regards to service.
  76. Serviceman's Training Book: 1955 - Mechanical Changes and Torsion Level Suspension
    This the Serviceman's Training Book for 1955 covering mechanical changes for the 1955 series and also the Torsion Level Suspension.
  77. Serviceman's Training Book: Packard Power Steering
    This is the Power Steering Training Book (circa 1953) that was used to train mechanics how the power steering system works, and how to rebuild it. Thanks to Brian DeBoeck for the donation of this content.Power Steering Training BookThese PDFs were crea...
  78. Serviceman's Training Book: The 55th Series
    This is the 1955 Service's Training Book that covers Clipper and Packard Mechanical Changes and the Torsion Level Suspension. If you have a 55 or a 56 this is good information to have in your toolbox.
  79. Serviceman's Training Book: Ultramatic
    This is the Ultramatic Service Training Manual. These were given to new mechanics in training.
  80. Serviceman's Training Manual: Brakes and Easamatic
    This is the Serviceman's Training Manual: Brakes and Easamatic booklet. This was part of the training program for Packard Mechanics. Produced in 1952 it covers the new Easamatic Brake Booster and general Packard brake servicing. Applicable to 1952-1956 models.
  81. Servicing Auto-Lite Generator Regulators
    "This booklet is designed for use by Auto-Lite servicemen. It is a refresher on how the Auto-Lite Generator Regulator works and on service procedures."
  82. Technical Letters
    Technical Letters issues by Packard on various issues.
  83. Torsion Level System and Load Levelers on American Vehicles
    Torsion Level System and Load Levelers on American Vehicles provides descriptive data on the 1955 Packard Torsion level system.
  84. Trade Letters
    Trade Letters on various matters that were issued by Packard to Zones and Dealers
  85. Ultramatic Info from Studebaker STBs
    This represents the Ultramatic Service information and updates from that were contained in Studebaker service bulletings from 1957 thru 1961, but apply to 1956 Ultramatics and earlier.
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