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SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 8:06    Tell a friendTell a friend
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The high compression cylinder head chambers on all Packard oars are milled out
on this machine. Most manufacturers do not go to the expense of this operation,
merely leaving this compression chamber in its rough state as when cast. Nevertheless,
this final finish on all Packard motors equalizes the compression in each
cylinder and also minimizes the accumulation of carbon because of the smooth surfaces
obtained by this operation. The size of each combustion chamber is checked
for accuracy by testing the volume capacity with alcohol (plus or minus 5c.c.) and
must come within negligible limits.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford


SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 8:05    Tell a friendTell a friend
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These machines finish-cut the Hypoid spiral rear axle driving pinion which is
connected to the rear universal joint. This pinion meshes with the ring gear and
drives the rear wheels. These machines are very accurate, cutting these gears to
a manufacturing limit of one-half thousandths.
In the upper right hand corner of this picture illustrated the Hypoid
ring gear and pinion $ also the spiral bevel ring gear and pinion.
About 17 years ago in this very room the first spiral bevel gears and pinions were
originated and developed. In originating these gears, Packard designed, built
and for many years controlled every machine used in cutting such gears.
Previous to Packard's introduction of the spiral bevel gears, every automobile
used either straight tooth bevel gears for final drive or chain and sprocket - so
here is another example of Packard's contribution to the industry.
It is to be expected that Packard should be the.first in the industry to develop
and establish the Hypoid gear which has so capably superseded the spiral bevel
type of drive. Packard took practically as many fundamental steps in the development
of the Hypoid gear as it did in the development of the spiral bevel and many
thousands of these gears were out in Packard axles before the industry recognized
their ability.
The Hypoid gear has 22jĄ more sliding action than any of the old type spiral bevels.
You and your prospects can judge the future by the past} just as Packard was ahead
of the times in the development of these gears, its .future will be governed by the
adoption of every sound engineering principle.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford


SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 8:04    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Here is another example of Packard's increase in manufacturing efficiency. This
machine, designed and built in the Packard factory and operated by compressed air,
saves the time and physical effort of several men and DOES THE JOB INFINITELY ,
BETTER. Besides lifting the cylinder block and dropping it on the upper half of
the crankcase, using the connecting rod and piston as a guide, this machine serves
as a check on many previous factory operations on these units.
If connecting rods, pistons, valve lifters or other crankcase parts are assembled
in any way but EXACTLY as prescribed in the Packard blueprints, this machine
searches out those inaccuracies because the cylinder block which it holds in its
almost human clutch cannot be released if there are any obstacles present.
This machine is one of the biggest protections in the assembly line of the Packard
factory because it protects mechanically so many parts.
Contrast, if you please, the schemes of only a few years ago when men labored all
day with tiring motion to fit pistons and connecting rods to each cylinder bore.
In those days an engine was no better than the various assemblers who worked on
the different units. Today this hazard is eliminated. This device is - again -
another reason why Packard cars of today are better, and the labor formerly
required to perform this accurate operation is released for more productive gain.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford


SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 8:02    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Simplicity is the keynote in the design of Packard engines for Packard motor cars.
In engineering, as in art, the simple is always the most difficult to accomplish.
In this cross-sectional view you have proof of Packard excellence in design and
manufacture. With a crankshaft that is statically and dynamically balanced and
a real rigidity of construction, there is in this simplicity of design real
insurance for the long life of Packard motors.
Supported by nine bearings whose combined area is approximately 100 square inches,
with a maximum distance between bearings of only 3-1/16" the crankshaft delivers
power to the rear wheels with an even flow that makes the Packard car glide along
the road with effortless ease. An additional feature to smooth out and blend the
impulses is the Packard patented vibration damper which is designed for and built
into every Packard car.
Just as a railroad bridge that takes the strains- of high speed trains has complete
support at the end of each span and can be built TO ANY LENGTH REQUIRED TO
ACCOMPLISH ITS PURPOSE, so too, Packard engines are built with a bearing on each
side of every crank throw. Your prospect should be interested in this conclusive
proof of Packard protection to his pocketbook.
The insert in this photograph shows the new valve spring assembly designed entirely
within the Packard factory. It is made up of two separate springs, each
operating with a very low stress. Consequently, the failure of this unit in
service is of very rare occurrence. Tests covering hundreds of thousands of
miles, and hours and hours of maximum speed have proven the quality of this
spring. Nowhere in the industry is better engineering evidenced than in this
important valve mechanism unit.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford


SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 8:00    Tell a friendTell a friend
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In this group the instruments are all accurate to millionths of an inch. They
are used in the Packard factory for checking daily the gages and tools used in
the manufacture of Packard cars.
The LIGHT WAVE MACHINE, shown in the upper left hand corner, is the most accurate
and absolute method of measurement ever discovered. By this simple device which
depends upon light waves for its accuracy, the very accuracy blocks which others
are satisfied with are frequently found v/ith minute imperfections.
Accuracies up to 25 millionths inch are measured by the OPTIMETER, shown
in the upper right hand corner.
The latest development, making use of the principles of radio amplification for
inspection purposes, is but another example of Packard's determination to produce
the finest of the fine. We are unable at this date to show a complete picture of
this device.
Track suits do not make record runners nor does the conferring of an MD degree
upon a medical student make a surgeon of note. These instruments are important,
but the 29 years' INTENT TO BUILD THE BEST is the thing your prospect should be
sold on. The Packard car of today is truly a product of a distinguished family.
Your prospect will understand this only by demonstrations. Again, only obedience
to certain mathematical laws, to which Packard takes no exceptions, and operating
under certain predetermined principles will produce a fine product.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford

Airplane View of the Packard Factory - 166-D

Airplane View of the Packard Factory - 166-DPopular
SubmitterBigKevMore Photos from BigKev    CategoryMisc Packard Photos    Last Update2018/7/23 7:55    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Packard cars are built in one of the largest, most modern and complete manufacturing
plants in the entire automobile industry. It is a full mile in length from
the storage buildings and huge body shop in the foreground to the forge and
foundry buildings indicated by three clouds of escaping steam. In the center, at
the right of the power plant is the service building where spare parts for all
model Packards, past and present, are produced and stocked. Back of this great
factory are assets of more -^han $50,000,000 devoted exclusively to the making and
servicing of Packard products. This extremely modern factory affords a pleasant
working place of more than 70 acres of floor space for the thousands of men who
convert raw materials into Packard cars, airplane and marine motors, as well as
parts for all Packard products, made during our 29 years of excellent manufacture.

Picture courtesy of Roscoe Stelford

Field of broken dreams

Field of broken dreams Popular
SubmitterPackard 1947More Photos from Packard 1947    Category1948-49 (22nd Series)    Last Update2018/7/17 3:32    Tell a friendTell a friend
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One lonely 1948 Packard in a field of Fords.

1920's Packard in a field .

1920's Packard in a field . Popular
SubmitterPackard 1947More Photos from Packard 1947    Category1929    Last Update2018/7/17 3:23    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Found a 1920's Packard limo not sure the exact year 1929 I think. Was in a field of 85 other cars four of them Packard. One pierce arrow. Several lincoln,s and two Auburn,s.

1947 superclipper

1947 superclipperPopular
SubmitterPackard 1947More Photos from Packard 1947    Category1946-47 (21st Series)    Last Update2018/7/10 10:43    Tell a friendTell a friend
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1922 Packard Brochure

1922 Packard Brochure Popular
SubmitterPackard 1947More Photos from Packard 1947    Category1920-1929    Last Update2018/7/10 10:30    Tell a friendTell a friend
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