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generator/ battery light
Home away from home
2010/8/27 8:29
From Houston,Texas
Posts: 309
Need help with mystery
have 52 200 with an ultramatic
battery light goes on brightly when travelling above 58-60 mph ,below this speed seems to work normally,on at idle goes out with a bit of acceleration
what gives? battery is a dry cell 6v which seems to work fine ,generator is a recant rebuild ,voltage regulator is replaced ,cables are fresh ,belt is new any ideas??will the battery run down driving at 60 at night?
I need to use the car at this speed and conditions to use it for commuting to work

Posted on: 2010/10/2 18:22
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Re: Overheating Damage
Home away from home
2010/8/27 8:29
From Houston,Texas
Posts: 309
Sounds like the over- heat blew a little hole in your head gasket and your blowing coolant into a cylinder ,white smoke is steam ,the head gasket is made to give out before something more critical doeas.The head can warp though particularly teword the back of that long engine so before that new head gasket goes in have the head machined to make sure its still flat .Modern hard gaskets if theyre metal on only one side require a sealer too
I have a 52 also , has the straight 8 and ultramatic ;It got hot so I replaced the hoses ,the thermostat and had the radiator recored ,It had a recent ring job to replace two broken oil rings so the head gasket should be alright
Now its not overheating but runs on the hot side of the scale now the notch before all the way hot ,I wonder if the water pump is bad, or mabey the new modern cores run hotter?
Im having a wierd problem also with the electrical system
the batt light comes on at idle normaly and goes off when at slow speed ,up to 50-55 mph ,then at 60 it comes back on!
I have a new voltage regulator and the generator is a fresh rebuild ,Hmm this is mystery ,is the belt slipping generator pully at speed?Voltage regulator need adjustment ??

Posted on: 2010/9/28 20:42
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