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Water Pump Removal
Just can't stay away
2018/9/4 13:35
From Blairs, Virginia
Posts: 71
I removed the bumpers and grill for rechroming, and decided to re radiator while they were out. The old radiator was clogged with the remnants of a rats nest, which explains a lot. However, this raises the specter of more in the engine. I removed the water pump and put the pressure washer tip into the water dist tube and lit to go til it ran clean. There’s a bolt hole next to to dist tube, and I did the same there.

The water pump back cover is still on the block. It doesent move by hand. Water seemed to be moving behind it and coming out other bolt holes. Is there a gasket back there? The bottom of the plate seems to be under the rubber of the engine mount, and I suspect that is why the rear cover won’t move. Do I loosen the mount to get the rear cover off? Or do I tap it with the rubber mallet? If the latter, will it go back in?

Posted on: 2019/6/1 10:02
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Re: Water Pump Removal
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 15749
You didn't mention a year but sounds as if it may be pre 51. This is a typical water pump from 40-50 and there is a gasket behind the plate and one between the pump and plate. Not sure if there is significant differences in the pumps used on lower end engines before 40. The pump layout is the same on 51-4 engines but the pump differs in shape slightly to get it lower on the block and there is no front mount.

Usually the plate is attached to the pump by a couple of extra bolts and once the main bolts holding the pump to block come off the plate and pump comes out as a unit. Perhaps someone used gasket cement on the plate to block gasket and is the reason the plate is sticking.

On most engines having the center cushioned front mount the rubber has deteriorated and flattened to the point the engine needs to be jacked up slightly to access one of the pump retaining bolts. Once that bolt is out the pump and plate can be removed and replaced without any difficulty and the mount does not interfere.

There is one or two bolts with a copper washer instead of a lock washer. Those bolt holes go directly into the water jacket so be sure to get the copper washer back on them to prevent leaks.

Attach file:

jpg  pump.jpg (183.47 KB)
209_5cf2f35dad768.jpg 1802X968 px

Posted on: 2019/6/1 14:53
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Re: Water Pump Removal
2006/4/17 11:22
From North Aurora, IL
Posts: 9229
If I remember the plate is attached by some large head counter-sunk screws to the pump body.

Posted on: 2019/6/10 20:02

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Re: Water Pump Removal
Home away from home
2009/7/15 9:56
From Billings, MT, Yellowstone
Posts: 1511
Kev is correct - there are usually one or two large slot screws holding the plate in place, but occasionally mechanics will change them out.

Posted on: 2019/6/12 17:54
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