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1942-47 Packard Service manual?
Home away from home
2015/1/16 9:43
From sw, pa
Posts: 1282
I've downloaded a copy of the manual on here and also have a paperback edition of the service manual. I notice it contains about half on the Clipper models and parts like the body are written for the 48-50 models.
Did Packard not produce a complete manual on just the Clipper that included the body etc....


Posted on: 1/2 6:01:17
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Re: 1942-47 Packard Service manual?
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 16046
Like the prewar items, immediate postwar manuals were a bit thin on content and seem to be mostly copies of the prewar stuff. Even the 46 and 47 owners manuals and the 46 accessory catalog looks to be a copy of the 42 Clipper items with an updated title page. Editing of the older copy seems to have been a bit haphazard since some postwar changes might have been inserted while other prewar stuff that did not go into later production stayed in.

Prewar service manuals all seem to be lacking a lot of detail and share content over the various models. If something is significantly different say between a six or a super there might be a paragraph or two devoted to it but that is about it. I don't think I have seen much of anything service wise specific only to the 21st series other than service counselor articles. Most mechanical was the same as prewar and what is not covered in detail in what passed as prewar service manuals might have had a Serviceman's Training Book to cover individual components. Near as I have found the first attempts at real step by step service manuals that went into smaller detail did not happen until the 22nd series. Since those cars were nothing more than Clippers with a fat outer body most of the body procedures were retroactive. One interesting thing is the six and 282 engine is covered in the 46-50 book but not much is mentioned on the new 288/327 engines that started in the 22nd series. You would have thought if it was a completely new manual the new engines would have been given more coverage. Maybe that manual also started out as another copy of prewar stuff. Electrical items didn't seem to make it into the 46-50 service manual at all.

There is a fairly comprehensive Clipper only parts manual and when the 41 Clippers came out Packard did publish a 4 page article on the differences between the Clipper body and the conventional body construction but that is about all I have seen specifically addressing body items. There is a prewar parts manual that does have a page or two of illustration specific to some Clipper body panels mostly in the radiator splasher area which did not come in the later comprehensive book. One place where the later body instruction is a bit deficient on Clippers is the rear door latch and the vent window removal. The procedure in the book works after a fashion but the thin Clipper door vs the fat later doors makes the procedure much harder on Clippers than the book describes it.

Attach file:

pdf 1941_ClipperBodyNotes.pdf Size: 1,761.66 KB; Hits: 26

Posted on: 1/2 6:58:33
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Re: 1942-47 Packard Service manual?
Home away from home
2007/11/18 9:02
From Dalton, NY
Posts: 2431
Hi John

I have a manual that covers the 1941-1947 Clipper that shows most body assemblies. It came from Canada. If its a use to you, PM me where to ship it. Or let me know what part assemblies you need to see and I'll get photos of them for you.


Posted on: 1/2 9:58:19
.....epigram time.....
Proud 1953 Clipper Deluxe owner.
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