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Re: 1938 Packard engine parts enquiry
Home away from home
2008/2/16 15:39
From Santa Fe
Posts: 5478
The photos show the crankcase and cylinder block and the roller tappet cam followers or rocker arms.

Posted on: 9/19 9:33:40
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Re: 1938 Packard engine parts enquiry
Quite a regular
2018/4/29 15:57
From Southern Maine
Posts: 33
Ernie, my Packard experience is a bit limited, but what I gather from 'internet research' and from talking to experts, the Flackmaster for instance, the preferred engine replacement for the '38-'39 Super Eight was/is the 23-24th series 327 cid straight eight.

I believe there is a PMCC service letter to this effect.

If I recall correctly it should be almost a drop-in, some slight reworking of the firewall, I think.

Actually my '39 firewall looks to have been altered at one time, I'm assuming for the later engine. The rework is hidden by the '39 engine I installed. I guess I should have taken some pictures when the engine was out.

I get the impression very few of the '38-'39 320 engines appear to be driven to any great extent currently.


Posted on: 9/19 9:42:10
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Re: 1938 Packard engine parts enquiry
Not too shy to talk
9/9 23:57:07
From Hove, Sussex, UK
Posts: 17
There's not really much to tell, this is a car I bought in Berlin a few years ago, the engine went off to a specialist called Modus who suddenly found they needed to move premises after 20 odd years with very short notice so nothing got done for a long time and I saw the engine for the first time this week for well over a year.
Meanwhile, uninstructed, Modus got on with the work so I'm now in by 200 hours!!...too late to stop!
Rock and hard place, I've told Modus to stop at the moment while I hunt for parts and try and resolve the situation we're in, Modus have no direct contract with me so potentially I could abandon the engine but I really would rather complete it.
My big concern is that after all the cost and effort, I could still have a problem engine.
What's your experience ?

Posted on: 9/20 7:19:33
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Re: 1938 Packard engine parts enquiry
Home away from home
2013/5/7 13:42
From Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Posts: 653
Good Morning Jim...I sit behind a 1949 23rd series 288 a great deal of the time and since we got her into good condition, she has been great...a 327 would be even better, I do believe...the DAF is damn near ALWAYS correct...Ernie in Arizona

Posted on: 9/20 9:28:14
Caretaker of the 1949-288 Deluxe Touring Sedan
'Miss Prudence' and the 1931 Model A Ford Tudor 'Miss Princess'
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Re: 1938 Packard engine parts enquiry
Forum Ambassador
2007/12/12 21:29
From Dallas, TX
Posts: 1750
First, the main enemy of this engine is heat. If you go full steam ahead, be very certain to plan proper attention to the radiator/Tstat elements. Even so, as Kevin can attest, bad things happen to good people/plans.

For reasons not worth dwelling on, this is a very expensive engine to build. Maybe you knew that, or at least now are coming to understand. My following comments are edited for polite terms... The carburetor is delicate. The exhaust manifold with its integral "hot box" flap must be respected. The roller bearing rockers are a challenge not yet discussed. Likewise, the big end/rod bearings have a unique flange that you may have yet to comprehend. The rod bolts themselves must be evaluated. Many high end engine shops require new bolts. ARP has a drawing to produce these on request thanks to another Pinfo'er that blazed a trail. (and for rod bearings, but as noted, worthy of more time than I have right now) Crankshaft and main bearings...have you said your prayers? You DO have a cast iron head, surely the porous aluminum head has long been melted down. Most of the rest of the parts can be ransomed from the US, couple small issues, but nothing a pile of GBP's won't solve.

So I question whether your engine shop can build this motor once they fully understand several of the individual elements above, and at what cost (do you Really want me to throw numbers around as to costs over here in the colony?) As this is a very custom build, is this really the engine you want to build - will this be a show car, or a go car? Comments about using a different Packard engine (or any other engine for that matter) would absolutely require a different transmission, and while we're discussing this, your rear end ratio without an overdrive will disappoint for anything but local travel.

Now, if indeed the block is good, and the above elements and budget are of less concern, then hey, lets push forward with this....we are here to help. You must advise more details of the condition of the components and the plans to get this very particular engine back together.
In sum, we are happy to educate you as I honestly don't know of any consolidated source for contemporary instructions on building this motor, short of kidnapping one of the few old dinosaurs who build these motors...

At your service,
DAF and the Pinfo crowd.

And Jim, yes, there are a few 37-39's routinely running CCCA caravans - all with overdrives.

Posted on: 9/20 10:41:59
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