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Re: 1937 115C mechanical refresh
Quite a regular
2017/3/13 21:07
From Poulsbo, Washington
Posts: 46
This installment


SO Here is the latest on the ROD BEARING issue,

The problem revolved around the sizing of the rod journals, the ".010" over bearings a and 2 replacement 39 rods ordered in for pin bushing issues.

1. The crank was turned .010 under and I did not realize 37 .010 bearings are not available. ( MY MISS, not the suppliers) This resulted in purchasing 39 and up .010 over bearings.

2. During reassembly the Mains worked very well, As discussed above there were issues with the rods.
The final answer to this is,,, The .010. bearings were the same size of the journals, actually I believe they were about .001 smaller ID than the OD of the journal.

3. Back to CUSTOM CRANK , Bill did a GREAT job in resizing the journals to fit the replacement rods and bearings to correct fitment,

4. While at CUSTOM CRANK Bill identified the 39 rods were a touch too thick and sized the one he had.

5. 39 rods are heaver than 37 rods,

6. Reassembled all rod caps with bearings, Flat sanded the sides of the rods and matched to the 37's, removed some material from the sides of the 39 rods ( casting excess) until all 6 with pistons matched in weight.

Cost for this repair, 2 hours shop time and materials, about the same to as the crank turned the first time and a new set of rod bearings since the set I was installing got messed up.

LESSON LEARNED,,,,, Verify , ( the info was printed on the .010. I just missed it,,,,,,) Get your rods bearings etc gathered up then have the crankshaft turned to spec.

Posted on: Today 21:33:55
Larry Reber

Posted on: 4/3 21:40:04
Larry Reber
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Re: 1937 115C mechanical refresh
Quite a regular
2017/3/13 21:07
From Poulsbo, Washington
Posts: 46
Bypass oil filter install on the 37 6 cyl.

Ebay purchase of the canister / mount for a 50's "Packard".

With several members input and photos I designed this mount and piping configuration.

I accessed the front port o n the oil gallery

While I had the timing chain covers removed I was able to run the feed pipe behind the backing plate, I used a piece of rubber tubing to protect the line from rubbing on the plate or block.

I decided to use the Oil filler pipe as the return point so if in the future the filter is removed than there was no hole in the block.

The inlet to the filter has a 1/16 reducer to reduce the possible loss of oil pressure.

ADMIN ; please rotate pictures, Thank Larry

Attach file:

jpg  20200123_125754.jpg (495.85 KB)
155070_5eae3f45dd800.jpg 2048X1536 px

jpg  20200123_134215.jpg (329.41 KB)
155070_5eae3f718c57b.jpg 2048X1536 px

jpg  20200427_153936.jpg (531.45 KB)
155070_5eae3fa9e8dbf.jpg 2048X1152 px

jpg  20200427_153942.jpg (504.07 KB)
155070_5eae3fcd82cb9.jpg 2048X1152 px

jpg  20200427_153950.jpg (494.80 KB)
155070_5eae3ff8d1430.jpg 2048X1152 px

jpg  20200502_201957.jpg (350.85 KB)
155070_5eae4018ebd06.jpg 2048X1152 px

jpg  20200502_202006.jpg (351.19 KB)
155070_5eae43de2bf50.jpg 2048X1152 px

Posted on: 5/2 21:09:02
Larry Reber
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Re: 1937 115C mechanical refresh
Forum Ambassador
2007/5/20 1:34
From Bowral, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia
Posts: 10439

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jpg  LarryR1.jpg (108.92 KB)
226_5eae851ad96cd.jpg 450X600 px

jpg  LarryR2.jpg (54.83 KB)
226_5eae852770988.jpg 486X648 px

jpg  LarryR3.jpg (93.76 KB)
226_5eae85368847a.jpg 337X599 px

jpg  LarryR4.jpg (92.12 KB)
226_5eae8548acc74.jpg 337X599 px

jpg  LarryR5.jpg (65.20 KB)
226_5eae85d05e032.jpg 337X599 px

jpg  LarryR5.jpg (52.71 KB)
226_5eae861a4435a.jpg 364X648 px

Posted on: 5/3 1:48:44

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