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Re: 49 22nd Deluxe Sedan Locks
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 15835
Will be interesting to see if it works. Amazon does have other bore sizes and looking at my 47 lock again it might be that a different item with a bore larger than 5mm would work better.

No idea on the dimensions of the 22-23 series shafts but while the flat sides on the 47 shaft measure 5mm, the diagonal measurement of the shaft is closer to 7mm. That shaft would need to have a half inch length of corners at the U joint end filed off to fit in a 5mm bore but the change would not be a big deal since the flats would still be present to provide a good grip for the setscrew.

Ebay also has a few u joints. Just search for miniature universal joint on either site and there are probably dedicated RC model or robotics sites with an even bigger selection.

Posted on: 7/16 7:08:31
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Re: 49 22nd Deluxe Sedan Locks
Just can't stay away
2018/8/26 7:37
From Boston, MA
Posts: 77
Any thoughts on u-joint placement before I start cutting? I was thinking basically as close as I can get it to the tumbler housing because that seems to be close to the intersection of a level rod and the straight through line of the tumbler housing.

This was a “need an extra hand” type of picture but luckily the phone balanced in the upper door access.

Attach file:

jpeg  69C3AA7E-E1B3-4D5B-9D9A-1491492F32A0.jpeg (384.79 KB)
181869_5f145b347c0cb.jpeg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 7/19 7:40:20
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Re: 49 22nd Deluxe Sedan Locks
Just can't stay away
2018/8/26 7:37
From Boston, MA
Posts: 77
Alright, she locks! The u joints worked, though I’d go a size up next time if I’d do it over again to eliminate the corner filing. I went with my thought above around u joint placement, ie close to the tumbler assembly, and there were no issues and also room for error also if something goes wrong cutting/grinding.

Unfortunately one of my eBay door locks the tumbler just pulls out pending what way I turn it. It locks and holds tight so I just have to be careful about that when I unlock I guess. Another issue is my passenger side lock is very temperamental in general. The key doesn’t seem to have the torque to lock it, and the rubber end is too shallow to allow the locking tab to go far enough down to lock the car. So I can get it to lock with pliers to reach below the wood grain trim, but it also takes convincing. I’ll have to open up the door again sometime I guess and maybe remove the whole lock assembly to see why it’s not locking easily.

Attach file:

jpeg  D6C63FBF-675D-47A4-B1F6-AB90E64D3E02.jpeg (599.67 KB)
181869_5f14c0e05ff86.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  B0B397CD-756E-41D5-9AD7-0660DAA83132.jpeg (489.74 KB)
181869_5f14c101489e0.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  C2863198-8703-41FB-B5CB-4878B2E16010.jpeg (408.68 KB)
181869_5f14c126ac49c.jpeg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 7/19 14:54:53
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