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Re: Rolls Royce vs. Packard:Who Built a Better Merlin?
Home away from home
2016/3/13 15:24
From Coalmont, B.C., Canada
Posts: 799
I'm not much of a war "buff" because the dead aren't here to express their opinions.
I hear you Tim, but not everybody died in the war; lots of folks came home and LOTS had opinions about it, or at least in my family they sure did!
I find this whole thread interesting because, to me, it kind of becomes an 'apples/oranges thing'. I agree with you that hand built ANYTHING is probably superior to something spit out of a machine, but the real issue here is taking it FROM hand-built TO mass produced and IMO, that is what Packard accomplished greatly. War is a nasty, ugly business and the men and women that fought in those conflicts are to be honoured and never forgotten. As far as the support they got from the US, Britain and Canada to have the munitions and equipment to continue to fight and defeat the enemy, I don't think that can be understated either. Not the least of which would be companies like Packard who came through in spades with some sixty thousand aircraft engines. Kudos and props to every one of them! Chris

Posted on: 2/13 13:35:19
'If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!' Henry Ford

1939 Six, Model 1700
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Re: Rolls Royce vs. Packard:Who Built a Better Merlin?
Home away from home
2007/10/28 7:49
Posts: 2292
Too much Packard mythology going on as regards the airplane engine. Consider the following:

The redeveloped Ford Trafford Park Factory was bombed only a few days after its opening in May 1941.

As Sir Stanley Hooker stated in his autobiography:

once the great Ford factory at Manchester started production, Merlins came out like shelling peas at the rate of 400 per week. And very good engines they were too, yet never have I seen mention of this massive contribution which the British Ford company made to the build-up of our air forces.

Merlin Wartime Production Sources

Derby 32,377

Crewe 26,065

Glasgow 23,675

Trafford Park 30,428

Detroit 55,523

I find the whole legend of Rolls-Royce supposed cobblers not being able to produce engines not supported. The two Rolls plants (Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars) alone built more engines than Packard. You can't do that using 18th century production methods.

Posted on: 2/14 16:03:38
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