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Power steering pump
Just can't stay away
2013/6/15 12:16
From Torrance, Ca
Posts: 67
Hello All
Finally finished some of the roof work on my house
and now time to get some of the cars back on the road
I converted my 56. "400" to disc brakes using
the 79 F150 setup
Now I'm installing a Hydroboost from a 99-2004
Mustang cobra.
I pulled the power steering pump today
to get some nubers for a rebuild kit..
Turns out mine is made by Eaton. I just called them
and none of the numbers on the unit are listed..
Has anyone else found his pump to be an Eaton
the numbers are 10-20 a 5R and J29L

On the Hydro install. the Cobra unit has 3
ports, 1 high pressure in, 2 High pressure out
3. low pressure..
so No. 2 goes to the slave cylinder and
its return along with the return from the hydroboost
T together... back into the pump.
Yes The "T" is the way Ford does it on those Cobra's
Mustang that is...
I think with very little effort
the Hydroboost and MC will sit inboard of the air
pipe. Under the dash the current brake pedal is just
outside the steering column. I think the current
break pedal assembly can be moved off the fire wall
about 3" and can be used for the hydroboost.
the push rod on the hydroboost is a very short through
maybe 1" to 1.5" thats all...
I'll keep you informed..

I Guess I really jumped the gun on the Hydroboost install
Did not look at the fire wall well enough, there is
no room to install the Hydroboost on the firewall
as it is. But I am going to bite the bullet and
remove the "air" intake tube and install the unit
there. I should be able to reuse the original pedal
assembly from. that location..
I know that Packard was a great car company, but
by 1955, they were just a name. Torsion bar suspension
was probably there best engineering idea, along
with the twin ultramatic which is a good trans if
built right.


I have done a mock up of the Hyro this is what it looks like
right now

Attach file:

jpg  IMG_5425.JPG (495.92 KB)
11385_5f2ed8538e61f.jpg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 8/3 14:18:28
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Re: Power steering pump
Home away from home
2013/8/2 15:19
From MKE, WI
Posts: 705
F150 conversion sounds interesting, have any links to details?
The Eaton pump was used by Ford, IH & Studebaker, try parts kits for those. You can always just order up the seals & bearings separately...

Posted on: 8/3 14:40:41
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Re: Power steering pump
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 15927
I believe Packard used Eaton pumps from their introduction of PS in 52. A different model having a smaller reservoir was used in 55-6. Since Packard carried all the pumps and parts for them listed under their own part numbers there may not be conventional Eaton numbers on the castings. Lares Corporation has done a lot of Packard rebuilds so maybe they could shed some light on the Eaton ID or supply parts or any repair you are looking for.

While the pumps themselves all look the same, in 55-6 there were two different assys depending on if it was powering a Monroe or a Bendix unit. The difference was in the pressure relief control valve. Pumps used with the Monroe unit have a higher output pressure by about 100psi and can be identified by a 900 stamped on the hex plug where the pressure hose connects.

Posted on: 8/3 15:09:48
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Re: Power steering pump
Just can't stay away
2013/6/15 12:16
From Torrance, Ca
Posts: 67
Thanks for the info on the PS

The idea for the Front Disc came from
Paul I believe. It has been a few years
since I read about it. It is or was posted on
total cost is abut $450
That was for the F100\150 spindles
new King pins, I bought new calipers, pads


Posted on: 8/4 9:22:29
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