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#17 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
cli55er Posted on: 2011/10/19 9:19
i'm confused, isn't the 2012 meeting in VA not MI?

#16 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
RogerDetroit Posted on: 2011/10/19 9:06
Hello J.W>

I appreciate the comment.

But what would really be special is for you to come up to the 2013 PAC National Meeting and see this history for yourself.

#15 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
JW Posted on: 2011/10/19 8:52
Roger, thank you for posting these photos and captions. It is this kind of content that makes this site so special.


#14 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
RogerDetroit Posted on: 2011/10/19 8:36
Attached are 3 photos I took this weekend at the PPG. Both the Series 142 Diesel Model 1D 1700 (MSO) engine and a Packard 4M 2500 are on display there.

I have copied (partially) the text from display signs as prepared by the Detroit Historical Museum.

Packard Series 142 Diesel Model 1D 1700

The series 142 diesels were built in six, eight, twelve and sixteen cylinder configurations, producing from 300 to 800 horsepower. When Packard began its development program for the Series 142 Diesel, no technology existed for producing engine castings and/or stampings from a non-magnetic alloy and in the sizes required. Packard found it necessary to create that science. Not only was it successful, but the Packard Diesels weighed only about 5 pounds per HP, as opposed to the 16-20 pounds per HP average for other diesels in the Navy!

The minesweeper engine displayed here, Model 1D 1700, is a V-12 design, displacing 1704 cubic inches and generating 600HP.

It is on loan from the Detroit Historical Museum and arrived at the PPG in the original Packard Shipping crate.

Packard 4M 2500 V-12

The 4M 2500 was produced in 17 different configurations, ranging in horsepower from 1200 to 1800 and was used primarily to power 85-foot and 104-foot PT boats produced by Elco Boat Builders. Each PT boat was powered by either three or four such engines and could run at 50 mph.

Displacement: 2490 cubic inches
Valves: 4 per cylinder

Attach file:

jpg  Diesel Side(Medium).JPG (69.31 KB)
436_4e9eee219516b.jpg 800X600 px

jpg  PT Side(Medium).JPG (62.91 KB)
436_4e9eee3360c78.jpg 800X600 px

jpg  Both Engines (Medium).JPG (77.99 KB)
436_4e9eee4828c84.jpg 800X600 px

#13 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
RogerDetroit Posted on: 2011/10/18 9:12
Sorry this took so long, but I just found this photo of the marine engine now residing at the PPG.

At the time the photo was taken (June 2011) it was stored inside the Lodge Garage. It was moved this summer in order to paint the interior walls of the Lodge Garage.

It now is displayed in the PPG Engineering Building along with a PT Boat engine and several other Packard Marine engines.

As soon as I download the photos I took at the PPG Open House this weekend, then I will add them too.


Attach file:

jpg  marine engine.jpg (28.10 KB)
436_4e9da50a192f4.jpg 500X375 px

#12 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
Guscha Posted on: 2011/6/30 1:45
According to Wikipedia I'm world-renowned for my successes in cattery. Kevin, what do you mean with good for "general" description? I'm afraid I couldn't go along with that. Meow.

[picture source:]

Attach file:

jpg  Cat Ballou.jpg (42.82 KB)
757_4e0c385deed12.jpg 565X457 px

#11 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
BigKev Posted on: 2011/6/26 17:25
Wikipedia is good for a "general" description, but not so good in the details.

#10 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
JW Posted on: 2011/6/26 13:28
I have found that Wikipedia is notorious for having erroneous information.


#9 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
Owen_Dyneto Posted on: 2011/6/26 13:20
Gerd, the 1D-1700 was the production engine, 600 hp and 451 manufactured. The 2D-1700 was a one-off, at 900 hp.

#8 Re: Packard-powered Navy Ocean Minesweepers
Guscha Posted on: 2011/6/26 11:35
Dave, the sailor, who believable stated to have served aboard the Constant says in the preamble:

"...Here are more photos of the Constant that I have collected over the years on the Internet. You have probably seen most of them, but I thought it would be nice to put them all on one page. ..."

According to Wikipedia the vessel has "Four Packard ID1700 diesel engines" so either the sailor or Mr. Neal mistooks the engine.

Mal, the style of the training film, its clear pictures and examples and moreover the clarity of both sound and content of explanatory comments reminds me on Flipper.
Even the motion picture technology, steady cinematography, the alternating optimistic and dramatic background music and colors look resp. sound alike.

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