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1929-1956 Packard National Automotive Service Data Image

Here is the National Automotive Service Data covering Packards from 1929-1956. This contains quick reference on engine mechanicals by model, engine wire diagrams, firing order, etc. This has been broke in sections by series, and by specific models.

Published: 2006-05-27 Views: 8779 times

1935 - 1940 Auto-Lite Electrical Equipment Parts List for Packard Image

This is the 1935 - 1940 Auto-Lite Electrical Equipment Parts List for Packard. Contains parts list and illustrations.

Published: 2016-07-08 Views: 1161 times

1935-1941 Packard Parts List Image

Here is the 1935-1941 Packard Part List (also called the Parts Manual). This piece is an essential companion to the Service Manual. Not only does it provide information on what part number is what, more importantly it provides the exploded part views that are needed when rebuilding components.

Published: 2008-10-29 Views: 9429 times

1935-1951  Packard Trico Parts Catalog Image

This is the 1935-1951 Packard Trico Parts Catalog (1951 Dealer Edition). This show extended exploded part views and original Trico part numbers. The exploded part views show more detail that the factory drawings and may be helpful in showing how things go back together.

Published: 2020-01-09 Views: 1622 times

1936 Service Letters Image

This is a complete set of original 1936 Packard Service Letters (24 issues) These contain running service changes and company news and also contain information about the new 1937 models.

Published: 2009-06-15 Views: 795 times


This is the 1937 issue "Number 30" Master Price List for "Guaranteed Precision Built Packard Parts"

Published: 2010-12-30 Views: 1473 times

1937 15th Series 120, Super Eight and Twelve Wire Diagrams Image

This is the 1937 15th Series 120, Super Eight and Twelve Wire Diagrams

Published: 2008-11-19 Views: 1337 times

1937 Dual Road and Fog Lights Accessory Bulletin Image

This is Packard Accessory Bulletin No. 24 covering the Dual Road and Fog Lights.

Published: 2010-11-27 Views: 878 times

1937 Factory Brochure Image

This is the 1937 Factory Brochure covering the Packard Twelve and the Packard Super Eight. This also has an extra information sheet covering the 1937 model year that was created by Neil Anderson.

Published: 2009-08-29 Views: 2607 times

1937 Illustrated Tune-Up Repair Manual Image

These are Illustrated Repair Manual Sections that were published by Thompson Products.

Published: 2009-11-11 Views: 1453 times

1937 Packard

This is the 1937 "..of a Distinguished Family" Brochure. It covers the Packard 120 models, also the Six models.

Published: 2008-12-12 Views: 2119 times

1937 Packard 'Condensed' Shop Manual Image

This condensed Shop Manual covers the proper repair and adjustment of the various units of (1937)Packard cars. The Book is purposely made for the mechanic in the shop who needs a quick, ready reference aid in his daily work.

The text has been carefully made as brief and well illustrated as possible, realizing that the man on the job has little time to read lengthy descriptions.

Our object in sending you this Manual, with our compliments, is to assist you in servicing Packard cars properly and to assure efficient service to every Packard owner. It is of the utmost importance that Packard owners
be satisfied and their cars be performing as they should. -PMCC

Published: 2008-10-20 Views: 2556 times

1937 Packard 120 Grease Chart (Finnish Language) Image

This is the 1937 Packard 120 Grease Chart in Finnish

Published: 2022-01-26 Views: 88 times

1937 Packard 36-Page Sales Catalog Image

This is a the 1937 Packard Sale Catalog. It contains 36-Pages and contains illustrations of models of the Packard Models. Also it contains very nice detailed mechanical illustrations.

Published: 2011-02-11 Views: 1763 times

1937 Packard 4-Page Sales Brochure Image

This is the 1937 Packard 4-Page Sales Brochure.

Published: 2011-02-11 Views: 915 times

1937 Packard Price List (Finnish Language) Image

This is the 1937 Dealer Price List in Finnish

Published: 2022-01-26 Views: 43 times

1937 Packard Sales Folder Image

Here is the 1937 Packard Sales Folder. This 33 page brochure contains information about every model in the 1937 line-up.

Published: 2006-06-03 Views: 2316 times

1937 Packard Six and 120 Accessories Brochure Image

1937 Packard Six and 120 Accessories Brochure. This shows the accessories that were available from the factory for the 1937 Six and 120. Also included with this are the instructions for the external sun visor for the the 1937 Six and 120s.

Published: 2008-12-29 Views: 2207 times

1937 Packard Six Operation and Maintenance Data (Owner's Manual) Image

This is the 1937 Packard Six Operation and Maintenance Data (aka Owner's Manual). This covers operation and care of the 1937 Packard Six's as well as it goes into basic repair procedures. A very nice piece for the Packard Six owner.

Published: 2008-10-18 Views: 1263 times

1937 Packard Twelve Owners Manual Image

This is the 1937 Packard Twelve Owners Manual. It contains valuable information of the operation and repair of the Packard Twelves.

Published: 2009-07-10 Views: 1367 times

1937 Service Letters Image

These are the 1937 Service Letters. These were sent to Dealers from the Factory to provide the Service Updates.

Published: 2016-01-25 Views: 1046 times

1937-1938 Packard Shop Manual Image

This is the 1937 and 1938 Shop manual. This covers the repair, maintenance, and specifications of the Packard Six, Eight, Super Eight and Twelve models

Published: 2010-02-17 Views: 4104 times

1937-1949 Packard Bearing Data Image

This covers all the Packard bearing related data from 1937-1949.

Published: 2006-05-23 Views: 2374 times

Carter WDO Dual Climate Controlled Carburetor Service Sheet Image

This is the Carter WDO Dual Climate Controlled Carburetor Service Sheet for 1938 and Prior models.

Published: 2018-05-22 Views: 925 times

General Letters Image

These are General Letters issues by Packard to Zone and/or Dealers on various issues.

Published: 2016-05-14 Views: 1950 times

General Service Bulletins Image

These are the General Service Bulletins that were sent to Zones and Dealer. They contain additional information that is useful in regards to parts and special service information

Published: 2018-02-20 Views: 1041 times

Packard and Studebaker-Packard Annual Corporate Reports Image

These Packard and Studebaker-Packard Annual Corporate Reports were prepared each year for the annual stockholders meeting and distributed to the shareholders. They contains interesting information on both what occurred the previous year and also the some outlooks for the coming year. Some contain wonderful pictures of new models, new plant renderings, etc.

Published: 2012-04-19 Views: 2533 times

Packard Carburetor Application List Image

This is a list of carburetor application by model. It is a work in progress and will be edited and updated and information is discovered.

Published: 2011-04-20 Views: 2733 times

Packard Engine Serial Number Reference Image

This is a list of Packard engine serial numbers from 1899-1956. Hopefully this will left to provide not only a reference to those wanting to know if their engine is correct for their model, but also some basic information about all the engine in a quick reference.

**UPDATED 2/27/12**

Published: 2012-02-27 Views: 11580 times

Packard Hub Cap and Wheel Cover Identification Guide Image

This guide was put together to help identify Hub Caps and Full Wheel Covers that were used on Packard models. This is a work in progress, so it will be updated as folks are able to give me more pictures and information.

(Updated Rev 4)

Published: 2010-03-10 Views: 5393 times

Packard Model-Series Progression Chart Image

This is a chart showing how the model years and series interrelate with one another. I also tried to show the a specific models evolution across the various years and series. I hope you find it usefull.

***UPDATED 11/17/2008***

Published: 2008-11-08 Views: 4007 times

Packard Monoblock Inline 8-Cyl Engine Specifications 1935-54 Image

Compiled table of Packard Monoblock Inline 8-Cyl Engine Specifications for 1935-1954.

Published: 2009-09-30 Views: 5131 times

Packard Patent Filings Image

The is a collection of Packard Patent Filings grouped by initial filing date. Please note that Packard filed for patent many years before those items were used in production in some cases.

Published: 2016-07-08 Views: 1121 times

Packard Service Training File Supplements Image

This a collection of Pre-War Film Supplements that were provided to Packard Service departments as part of Service Training. This booklets contains condensed service information on a variety of topics. As more of the Supplements are found they will be added to the list below. If you have any, please donate a scanned copy of them to the website.

Published: 2009-10-05 Views: 892 times

Parts and Accessories Bulletins Image

These are the Parts and Accessories Bulletins that were sent from Factory to the Zone and Dealer about changes in Parts and Accessories.

Published: 2018-02-21 Views: 1557 times

Philadelphia Zone Office Letters Image

These are letter issued by the Philadelphia Zone Office, to dealers located in their zone, on various Service related subjects.

Published: 2018-03-12 Views: 1159 times

Pre-War Packard Stuff 1899-1942 Image

Listing of Body Styles and Models by year as well as number of Cars made;
Wheelbase, Bore & Stroke, Horsepower, Price Range & Weight Range.
Limited photos of early Packards & Celebrities with Packards. This booklet was created by Neil Anderson.

Published: 2009-08-27 Views: 2944 times

Servicing Auto-Lite Generator Regulators Image

"This booklet is designed for use by Auto-Lite servicemen. It is a refresher on how the Auto-Lite Generator Regulator works and on service procedures."

Published: 2009-09-24 Views: 2594 times

Stromberg Carburetor Packard Manual and Parts Catalog Image

This is a Stromberg Carburetor Manual and Parts Catalog prepared for the Packard Motor Car Company. This was sent to the Service Managers at the Packard dealerships

Published: 2017-10-23 Views: 2178 times

Technical Letters Image

Technical Letters issues by Packard on various issues.

Published: 2016-05-16 Views: 2504 times

Trade Letters Image

Trade Letters on various matters that were issued by Packard to Zones and Dealers

Published: 2016-05-15 Views: 2049 times

US-Rubber Passenger Car Spark Plug Chart Image

This was an original insert card that was hung next to a the spark plug rack at a garage. It lists which spark plugs to use for many of the US Passenger cars from 1930-1942.

Published: 2012-05-17 Views: 1454 times

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