Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2013/4/16 10:21:42
I suspect you're missing a digit. 1599 would indicate a 1942 junior model "120" convertible coupe (chassis 2021). The second part of the number would be the sequential production number of that model and would have started with 2001 hence it should be 4 digits, not 3. But your comment that it's a "160" is not consistent - there was no "160" convertible coupes though fakes are not unknown where a "120" has been foisted off as a "160". What's the engine number?

Update: Let me correct myself, there was a "160" convertible couple in the 1942 lineup, it's VN prefix would have been 1579 (chassis 2023). The "160" had crank-out vent windows, the "120" has push-out. There are many other differences, some subtle, some easily swapped out, the largest being the engine and chassis. Brakes are different on the 160 (wider linings), wheels are 16" on the 160 and 15" on the 120, dash plastic is different, and more. Some of these are easily upgraded, some are not. I suspect if the VN plate is original to the car you're looking at a mongrel.

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