New Owner, New to Packards...Single Six, Photo added

Posted by Jim Mead On 2013/9/14 1:18:01
I'd like to add my car to the Registry, but I'm not sure of the nomenclature. I "think" that it is a First Series Single Six 133/225. 133" WB, 7 Passenger Touring, Wooden Wheels, 2 wheel brakes, battery under floor, tail and brake light combo. Engine Number *U19247*, "Serial Number" U19131A. The "Serial Number" comes from an old state Registration paper that came with the car. The builders data plate is missing. The car was/is registered with the engine number. Might I find that "Serial Number" stamped on the car, other than on the missing data plate? The car was/is now registered as a 1921.

This car, a remarkable survivor, was in the collection of the most noted collector in our County in the late 1950's until his death in, if I recall, the early 1970's. I well remember the car from frequent visits to the Gentleman when I was a High Schooler driving a Model A Ford. Never dreamed then, nor now, that I would ever be lucky enough to own such a fine car. It hasn't taken much at all to revive the car, Thank You, but I don't think that any of the prior owners really had her running right, based on the amount of dirt I found fully clogging the carb to intake manifold return line.

I'll have more questions, I'm sure and will be grateful for your help. Just got new tags today, so tomorrow should be very interesting!!

Jim Mead
Owego, NY

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