Re: New Owner, New to Packards...Single Six, Photo added

Posted by DavidM On 2013/9/22 7:12:58

That's a great looking survivor, I have a soft spot of the First Series Single Sixes having owned one since the mid 1970's. I believe you have correctly identified yours.

As you are probably already aware, the First Series Single Six was produced from April 1922 to December 1923 and the engine numbers ran from 9000 to 35942.
These cars were identified by series number rather than year. With an engine number around 19,000 yours could have been made in 1922 or 1923.

The brass body plate is located on the inside of the fire wall on the LHS behind the dash. There is also a chassis number stamped on the top of the LH chassis rail just in front of the firewall. The engine, chassis and identification plate numbers are usually within a few hundred from each

These cars do not have any particular vices and must have been fine cars in the early 1920's. The brakes, despite being externally contracting on the rear wheels only work fine under all conditions except heavy rain.

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