Re: Fake or Find?

Posted by Tim Cole On 2013/10/3 17:46:31
Dear Gun:

Early sixth series fenders do not have a bead. The very late 6th series have rubber pedal pads, so the car can have beaded fenders with the stirrup pedal. That part of what I wrote was not accurate.

The Packard plant was running wide open in 1928 and they carried over 4th and 5th series bodies, but halfway through started mounting the Dietrich designs.

1929 was a weird year because they were throwing a mix of parts together. 1932 was another weird one because they had early and late cars too.

I was at the Ford museum and wanted to see their 29 Speedster and have been informed that it has gone to permanent storage. I wondered about a private viewing,and if they don't want it, maybe I ought to buy it. Just joking. I don't think I would if offered because the touring car version just drives me nuts.

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