Re: Slow cranking.....

Posted by Mr.Pushbutton  On 2007/4/7 0:32:35
Owen Dyneto--the reason I espouse the braided cable is not for the sake of authenticity, but for the superior current carring ability that a braided ground offers over most round cables. You would need double or triple "ot" fine-wire round cable to come close to handling the current that a braided cable offers. I've seen ot, double, triple ot welding wire used, and that's fine, but the braided cables were used by Packard (and many others) are not some obscure thing you have to pay botique prices for, nor are they hard to find. I've had this very discussion over on the AACA website, and there is a "wirez is wirez" attitude some folks have. I've seen the difference on more than one 6V vehicle.

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