Re: Slow cranking.....

Posted by Anonymous On 2007/4/7 0:55:12
"wirez is wirez"? I agree, totally untrue. We are buying a braided cable tomorrow. I noticed tonight that while we were cranking it over, the ground wire got extremely hot, and when i touched the battery terminal, it almost burnt my hand. I checked the fuel, it smelled a bit like turpentine, so we went ahead and flushed the filter and carb, and put fresh gas in it. this seemed to help the firing. It almost caught a few times, but it's just not there yet.

"If after satisfying the needs on proper cables and clean connections the car still cranks slowly with a good battery, I'd pull the starter motor for a checkover."

The starter has been rebuilt within the past year and has been tested time and time again with no issues.

We are getting a 1000 cranking amp battery and a braided cable tomorrow, we'll see how everything pans out from there.

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