Re: Slow cranking.....

Posted by BigKev On 2007/4/8 22:33:06

Bob wrote:
Also, when it does run, once it warms up, it stalls and dies, like it starves for fuel. Has a new gas tank with electric fuel pump. It gets plenty of fuel. The climatic control was one notch rich (stock setting), I adjusted it to about three. It seemed to do okay after it got up to operating temp. But once it cooled down and we tested it again, we had the same issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked the heat riser thermostat spring and trap-door to make sure they are operating correctly. My '54 was missing it's spring when I got it. Not sure what the configuration for that thermostat spring is on the prewar models, but I figure it must have something similar.

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