Re: 1925 Packard Limo...Please Help !!!

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2008/9/8 8:46:21
In that era Packard didn't build and market by calendar year but by series, some longer and some shorter than a year. I'm guessing that it's a 2nd series (Feb 1925 to Aug 1926) Eight, body style #256. If so, the engine# should be between 209,000 and 219,999. This would be the first series with the Bijur chassis oiler and Bendix 3-shoe internal expanding brakes. It also would then have the early-style crankshaft which gave rise to the odd firing order (cast into the right rear of the crankcase), the firing order was revised to the almost universal 1-6-2-5-8-3-7-4 beginning with the next series.

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