Re: The Second Packard "Twin Six"

Posted by PackardV12fan on 2008/9/21 10:06:21
for '55 Packard guy-regarding the TORSION BAR suspension idea

Yeah - it was fantastic. Have any of you seen the promo film Packard made when they introduced the TORSION BAR system? It is still around.

I was at an auto show in late '54, and I can tell you people's mouths literally dropped open when that film was showed. I personally saw Packard sales people actually run out of their order book paperwork signing people up for new torsion-bar equipped Packards...THAT'S how fantastic even a FILM of this fantastic system was.

The film-strip showed a new torsion bar equipped Packard go over the same extreme bump ( a humped rail-road crossing ) at extreme speeds, and then they took all three luxury car competitors over the same bump at the same speed.

Wow ! Of course the torsion-bar equipped Packard remained unruffled and in control. And of course the bouncing of the competitor cars was pretty extreme and funny.

No wonder those first few months saw Packard sales recovering. How sad Packard's production philosphy caused them to put out such badly assembled cars, with so many "glitches", that the public revolted, with the sad end discussed so many times ( with so many excuses).

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