Re: The Second Packard "Twin Six"

Posted by BH on 2008/9/21 19:09:32
Kev -

His broken record is an example of the snobbery and bashing that I've heard many people tell me has turned them off to traditional clubs.

I also find it incredible - in another thread, in response to a query on his change of Username - that he would say:

...I was apparently thrown out of this forum while I was on a trip - came back, asked Bev thru an E mail, got no answer, so I just re-registered under a slightly different name

Then after you call him on the carpet, he backpeddles and says:

Bev - I am pretty lame with computers. Seems to work now. I'll try and let you know SOMEHOW if I have trouble with this thing in the future.

It reminds me of some pathological liars I've encountered over the years.

However, I don't think you should ban ol' PFHartmann, but let his posts stand to show what he's truly made of (and it stinks). The only thing you might consider is adding an "Ignore" feature so we can enjoy all threads, but without having to look at his nonsense.

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