Re: The Second Packard "Twin Six"

Posted by PackardV12fan on 2008/9/24 21:21:00
Please, John, be assured I appreciate your passion for Packard !

And also be assured I am not picking on you personally when I poke a little fun at those who read and write books about events and products that were out of service long before they were born, having little or know personal "hands-on" experience as to what they are talking or writing about.

Of course we both know people who own Packards of various types, who are so passionate about them, they talk themselves into all kinds of nonsence. All the desire to WISH something to be fact, wont change fantasy into fact.

Let me give you one example of how far off you are. Packard, Cadillac, Lincoln products of the early and mid twenties were good, quality cars, providing exellant performance, vastly superior to the ordinary cars of their day. They had engine displacements of about 380 cu. in., all "flat-heads' of very simple unsophisticated design.

My '28 Rolls Phantom had almost ONE HUNDRED CUBIC INCHES MORE engine displacement. And it had a much more modern engine - free breathing induction system, over-head valves, and a much higher final drive ratio. Of course you could buy four (actually a bit more) American luxury cars of the 20's, for the price of my Rolls Phantom.

To say that a $3,500. Packard or Lincoln or Cadillac of that era is any match for a $15,000 Rolls Phantom, simply shows your passion has gotten the best of real world facts and real world knowledge.

Be assured the Rolls is SO much faster - will out-drag, out flying mile, AND provide a MUCH smother ride and more enjoyable driving experience than you could get from the much cheaper cars. EVERYTHING about the much more expensive Rolls Phantom is nicer, better, faster, etc., than the American luxury cars, which means that in BOTH cases, the customer got what he paid for !

Now, to be fair, Rolls eventually lost its technical superiority - they werent able to "keep up". The last of the Phantom II's will not keep up with an American car of their era. The Rolls V-12 had poured babbit bearings; so it couldn't possibly handle the kind of extreme speeds the later Packard V-12 or Cadillac V-16 could.

All this points out how your discussion of "fairness" has nothing to do with reality. The real world isnt "fair". So no matter what you "think" is fair, if you actually run across the above vehicles, you are stuck with their REALITY.

Of course there are examples, as you point out, that price alone dosnt necessarily mean you get more bang for your buck. But not what you are talking about.

And please, dont tell me when a "conversation is over". When I see stuff in here that is historically inaccurate, I will try and talk some sense. Trying to compare an early 30's V-8 Cadillac to a much much more expensive Packard (or Cadillac or Lincoln or Pierce Arrow, for that matter), dosnt tell us anything other than your passion has gotten in the way of your thought process.

Lets try and help fellow car buffs with FACTUAL information that can add to their knowledge and appreciation of REAL world automotive history.

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