Re: The Second Packard "Twin Six"

Posted by 55PackardGuy on 2008/9/27 1:24:36

So Chevy repeated a 20-year-old "mistake" except where their dealerships were concerned. They would naturally have "special tool #....." on hand.

So, how're all the current Packard V12 and get 'em-up Chevy owners doing these chores these days?

Interesting stuff.

I'll bite on only one aspect of the MKI. I'm pretty sure it was used only in trucks, and possibly in 427 displacement.

I once saw a nice book on the BB and how it started as Chevy's "answer" to diesel big rigs... and it worked quite well. But then I think they kind of beat themselves with the 2-cylce "Jimmy" GMC diesel.

Please, enlighten us with the real scoop.

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