Re: The Second Packard "Twin Six"

Posted by 55PackardGuy on 2009/2/15 18:59:14
Eric and all,

Here's a little update on the Chevy BB relationship with Packard. Just ran across it on another forum: ... block-for-53-56-f100.html

Posted by: 286 Merc on the ford-trucks forum 11/19/02

The Packard was arguably the best engineered engine of its day. The head design was so good that GM bought the rights 10 years later. They were totally bummed and embarassed by the 409 at Daytona and needad an engine that would make power and stay together.
The result was the 65 Daytona 425 porcupine motor, in mid 65 it was the replacement for the 409 as the now famous 396 Rat Motor. I have a warmed over 396 in my 68 Impala SS-396 ragtop.

This has certainly gone

About all it has to do with the later Packard V12 is it's about a Packard engine.

Interesting, though.

I think the discussion should go over to the Packard V8 Board.

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