1941 Packard 110 Trim Detail Questions

Posted by Ragtime Kid on 2015/4/5 23:02:24
Just refinished my '41 and hanging the newly replated and polished trim back on it...finally, the fun part!

3 Questions:

1. Is the paint between the chrome slats on side grills supposed to be black or body color? Not a huge deal in my case as I have gone with Packard Blue for the exterior paint, which is so close to black I'm not sure you could tell on the grill anyway. But, for the sake of accuracy I thought to ask before painting it.

2. The spaces between the chrome stripes on the hood latch handles on my car were painted red (matching the packard hexagon on the hub caps) even though the car was black. I have seen in the original sales brochure that this area (again, in between the chrome stripes) seems to be body color as well. What is the consensus here? Also, if the space between the chrome stripes here is indeed meant to be body color, does the circle with the "110" in it at the front of this piece also get painted body color or would this part be red?

3. The chrome rear bumper has "Packard" stamped in script font. What color is this text supposed to be?

Thank you!!

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