National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Packard Limo (aka It's an Atomic Packard!)

Posted by Daniel Leininger on 2008/11/21 17:24:50
NO, It is not an alternative fuel vehicle! It is a genuine Packard restoration project of the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.

BUT, perhaps you saw the news last summer from the
Museum. They recovered a 41 (42?) Clipper Limo from a junk yard. The 15 passenger Limo was used to transport scientists in New Mexico as part of the early Atomic Bomb project in WWII. They plan to have restoration completed by spring/summer 2009.

I emailed the director recently about their progress and he wrote the following response:

We are making good progress on the Packard. It has been stripped and the wood components are being crafted. The engine is done and all the drivetrain/brakes are redone. We got a parts car to assist in that.

The car is to be in the new museum when we open in the spring. I hope you can visit it (us) sometime in the future. The 42 Plymouth is done and should be moved in mid January.

Jim Walther
Museum Director

I think the car has 42 Clipper features, but then many custom stretch-Packards mix their accessories. This one was a custom-build of Fitzjohn Coach Company.


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