Re: It's an Atomic Packard!

Posted by Daniel Leininger on 2008/11/21 22:03:29
Yes Wood.

The Flickr link (2nd one in #1 entry) shows 30 pictures of the Clipper before restoration. The roof between the two middle doors was built with wooden support. It was rotted out and collapsed from 50+ years of weather and neglect, as the pictures show.

Acccording to Dammann and Wren in their book 'Packard,'
"Sometime in early 1942, the US Army bought a total of 487 Packards. Of these, 100 were junior chassis-only unitswhich were stretched into 12 and 15 passenger vehicles, similsr to airport limousines, for specoial troop movement within various camps." (page 387).

I think what the museum has is a 42 Packard though they list it as a 41. As a custom it could be a bit of both.


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