Re: It's an Atomic Packard!

Posted by JWL on 2008/11/23 14:46:51
There was an article on this discovery in the May 2006 CNB. The car was discovered a couple of years ago in a salvage yard in Grants, NM. This car, and maybe one other, was/were used to transport personnel from the train station in Lamy, NM to the University of California's project office in Santa Fe for in-processing, and thence up to the project site in Los Alamos. It seems the car was also used to transport staff from Los Alamos to the Trinity Test Site near Alamorgodo. My father's Packard dealership was just down the street from the project office. I would bet that he laid his hands on this car more than once. It is a real beastly looking car. No problem entering or exiting with a door for each seat row. For use at a highly classified project, this was not an inconspicuous vehicle.

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