Re: It's an Atomic Packard!

Posted by Daniel Leininger on 2009/2/17 19:19:18
Guscha and Owen have cracked the Atomic Packard Code!
A 1578 Touring Sedan is definitely a 1942 model (and not a 1401 Touring sedan of 1941 Clipper fame).

I have always thought they have a 1942 Clipper not a 1941. I suggested that in my original post that started this forum. I also had emailed the Museum Man that opinion before I posted this thread. {Insert Mushroom Cloud here with 'I told you so!" written all over it. }

Wonder if Oppenheimer and Company appreciated Packards?

Owen - The 35mph MAX Speed may be related to the amount of WOOD in the custom papier-mache(?) stretch section.
{Big Kev would never rebuild his Packard that way}.


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