Clutch Clevis Pin

Posted by hynesjm On 2017/9/10 20:38:43
Hey Guys,

Working on a 1941 180 super 8 here..

Quick Question. I got my clutch linkage back in, and went searching in my parts for the clevis pin to hook up the pedal to the relay rod, and I have one that is the right diameter, but can't find one long enough. No - big deal, right? I grab one from the hardware store of the same diam of my 'test clevis' (3/8's seemed about right), but it's too big. So I get around to measuring and kinda think the 'correct' diameter is actually 11/32.

Can anyone confirm this clevis pin is supposed to be 11/32" diam (see picture)?

Where can I source an 11/32 diam clevis pin? It seems like a really odd size (McMaster and grainger don't seem to have any?

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