woodgraining for a 1928 6

Posted by David Grubbs on 2018/2/16 19:34:58
HI - I'm working on woodgraining the upper dash and window frames for my friends 1928 - here's a link to a photo of what the car looked like several years ago.
http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/mod ... hoto.php?lid=11625&cid=32
The engine is now rebuilt, as is the chassis and the body is being prepared for painting this spring. He's asked me to do the graining using my GrainIt kit. My guess is that the window frames would be a straight grain, probably a medium oak color and the upper dash either a straight grain or burl elm, like Packard used in the late 30's cars. The car will be a dark green with black fenders. Any suggestions and/or photos?

David Grubbs

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