Re: 1941 Packard 180 power windows

Posted by HH56 On 2018/2/17 17:37:16
There is a description of the window operation in Service Letter Vol 14 #19 Oct 1, 1940 and a wiring diagram in SL Vol 15 #17 of Sept 1, 1941. The wiring diagram is for 42 but I believe it is essentially the same as earlier but maybe with relocated components.

You can download both service letters from the literature section. Go to the Packard Service Index in the Main Menu and under 37-42 models, body section, the links to those two letters as well as a few others pertaining to various window related articles will be found.

The valves are normally closed. I would not be surprised if there is corrosion or possibly some old and damaged rubber restricting the flow. Possibly a poor ground also and the solenoid cannot electrically move the plunger and release completely. I have not personally worked on one but do remember a friend turning a new plunger for that style solenoid valve on a lathe so believe they can be disassembled and repaired. How easy the disassembly might be I cannot say because I didn't get to see that part..

When a window is commanded, pushing the switch opens the valve and starts the pump. For the window up, the pump rotates one direction and pump pressure pushes the piston up agains the spring to raise the window. When the switch releases, the pump stops and valve closes to keep the fluid trapped and window raised.

When lowering the window, the valve opens and the pump runs the opposite direction giving a bit of suction to move the fluid out of the cylinder plus with the assist spring pulling, it lets the window lower. Releasing the switch stops the pump, closes the valve again and traps the fluid at whatever position the window is in.

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