Cooling system overhaul guidance

Posted by Packard Newbie On 2018/2/19 19:23:31
One of my first projects this spring is to remove the front end clip from my '39 Six and do a major cooling system overhaul. I have a radiator specialist lined up to recore the rad and, while I have it apart, want to do a proper flush. I will also replace the water pump. I do have a couple of questions...
1) I see these new, aftermarket waterpumps out there - are the any good?? I presume they're made in China. Or would I be better off sending my pump to somebody like the Flying Dutchman (I think that's the name) and have it rebuilt?

Also, in taking out the infamous Packard water jacket sleeve, is there anything special I need to know or do there??

And lastly, I was thinking of knocking out the frost plugs and flushing the water jackets around the cylinders. Am I opening a can of worms here? Are the replacement plugs easy to come by and is there issue or special procedure to remove/reinstall??

In addition to all new hoses and a new thermostat, are there any other areas I need to check or tend to??

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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