Re: Need Help With 1934 Packard 3 Filament Headlight Connection Data

Posted by Paul W. On 2018/2/22 17:31:43
Thank you for the link to the relevant thread.

In that link, member Tim Cole seems to offer the most relevant reply, which I have posted below in blue font.

I would love to hear a confirmation or two that this is, in fact, the correct information regarding the socket wiring and terminal numbers.

Thanks all.

Hi Dell:

I have the information here in a file along with a picture of Gordon Weber's (first CCCA President) beautiful original 33 Packard Su8. I love the chrome radiator shell.

Anyway, the bulb socket has a square notch in it and pins at 6, 10, and 2 O'clock. Use the notch as 6 O'clock.

6 O'clock - Red 10 O'clock - Straw 2 O'clock - Green

Next the numbers for those wires are as follows:

6 O'clock - 1 10 O'clock - 2 3 O'clock - 3

Finally, the drivers side should have a bar connecting the two high beam pins because the right side light is the dipping side for the three filament bulb. If you don't have the bar you can splice the "pass" and "tilt" wires together inside the headlight and achieve the same result. These are shown as the single brown high beam feed in the wiring diagram.

Hope this helps.

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