Speedometer cable

Posted by CartRich on 2019/11/9 7:06:03
Another in a long line of questions-

I took the 37 out of the garage last weekend for the first time since I got it shipped to me last year and drove it around the block a few times. The most noticeable thing was a whining sound that eventually went away. It reminded me that it always made that noise for the last several years when I would move it the short distance from the storage garage to my parent's garage to just put some movement into it and for a few of those years during that short drive the speedometer needle would bounce all over the place. The last couple of years when I would move the car, the bouncing stopped and maintained a steady reading but the whine would still be there. Also, while my father was alive it made that noise for a couple of miles and did the needle bouncing then return to a steady reading and he said it was that the speedometer cable needed to be lubed. It would eventually go away then too.

My question is, how should I lube the cable? There is a speedometer cable discussion in the forums when I searched, but it is for a 40's something speedometer cable issue and indicates removal of the dash to get to a lube hole. Is that the same for a 1937 Junior?

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