Re: Speedometer cable

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2019/11/9 11:46:19
That's interesting John - how visible is the hole?? Does one need to have the speedometer out to see it? It's difficult to see 'up there' under the dash, never mind 'get' up there to deliver some lubricant. Re the noise itself, I had it explained to me (for generic speedometers, anyway) that the cable is spiral-wound spring steel and with age, little 'hairs' of the spring steel start to 'unwind' and they catch on the inside of the speedo cable, causing the needle to bounce and fluctuate as well as make noise. Again, only going on past advice, I'm told that wet lubricant is not advisable as it collects dirt over time and can worsen the problem, and that either powdered graphite, or graphite suspended in a solvent that will dry up after the lubricating powder is 'delivered', is the best solution/approach. I'm sure lots of folks who have been here before on this issue, with Packards, will have some input. My car has the same problem and before I started pulling things apart, I was going to post on the problem - Cartrich did it first! Chris.
Edit: Sorry John, I thought you said 'my car'

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