Re: 39 120 dash instrument lighting

Posted by Larry Reber on 2019/11/10 0:14:48
As mentioned it sounds like you have a grounding issue.

You can check for a ground by popping the lamp holder free of the back of the bezel and turning on the lights... If one of them is the offender than the system will not pulse

I had several under dash light socket wires that had lost the insulation during a bulb swap. I purchased LIQUID Electrical tape at home depot and coated the wires after moving the sockets down the wire.

Note: this was done laying with my feet laid over the seat back and head on the floor boards.
A word of caution, the liquid tape is runny and will drip, cover your carpets and its good to have a friend over to make sure the can does not tip...

If the lights worked with out issues before the bulb swap than you don't have to worry about the under hood wiring to the other lights right now.

Good hunting and as recommended else where look at adding a in line fuse to the wiring harness,.

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