Re: dashlights dimmer switch

Posted by HH56 on 2019/11/12 23:57:30
Looking at the schematic the power in from the headlight switch tail light terminal will be one of the switch terminals which also has a wire going on to the tail lights. One of the other terminals will be turned on for the reading light and the other terminal will be coming from the rheostat portion for the instrument lights.

I believe this is the tool that is needed to remove the switch. Note the two small prongs on the end which will fit in the depressions in the bezel. You might be abe to use a modern smaller size adjustable spanner wrench by filing or grinding the round pins to fit the depressions. The spanner wrench is available from Amazon and other parts stores or there is a similar tool used for some later wiper switch bezels that is just a flat piece of steel with the center and edges ground or filed out to provide clearance for the knob shaft and leave a small amount to fit in the depressions. A pair of pliers or a crescent wrench could be used to turn the steel.

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