Re: dashlights dimmer switch

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2019/11/13 2:01:04
Thank you Howard. At this point, I am mainly concerned with getting the switch out. Based on the diagram of the Packard tool, I'll try and make something to fit into the slots. I THOUGHT that looked like how it should come apart, but before I wrecked something, figured I'd better check first. Once I have it out, I will TRY and understand the wiring requirements but definitely not my strong suit. Hard to figure where the wires that should be there, went - maybe the switch failed and somebody bypassed the thing to at least have lights, albeit only at the full brightness setting. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone, but I love having little things like that, work. I'll report my results once I get it out. Thanks again for your help. Chris.

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