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Posted by Packard Newbie on 2019/11/13 18:52:06
Okay, so the internet did not yield much when I queried 'DT-5 Ignition Switch Wrench' or any variation/combination thereof. I looked in the junk drawers and came up with the center screw.bezel for a light fixture and cut it down, leaving the tabs for the dimmer switch escutcheon. (See pics) It worked perfectly and the dimmer assembly came right out. Now I need to figure out a) how to test the switch to see if it works and find a replacement it if it doesn't, and b) how to wire the darn thing so I can have dimming lights. My GUESS is that the switch quit working and somebody 'before me' bypassed it so as just to have dashlights, at full brightness. If this was the case, could anybody tell where to look to find that bypass, so I can hook it back up?? I am a little challenged when it comes to wiring, but I will persevere here until I figure it out, so please keep it 'basic' with any explanations so I can get them through my thick skull! Many thanks to any and all who respond. (and have responded) Chris

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