'37 120C Horn Button

Posted by R Howe on 2020/2/10 10:57:29
I am attempting to install my new horn button into a new cup. I have had to install and remove it a few times to adjust the tabs on the cup so the button will not ground out and also have enough play. I did this without the cup being installed in order to correct the play within the cup. I determined that the actual installation is a two person job since the horn wire will crimp within the cup unless someone can gently pull it from the other end to keep it straight. The last time I had someone help me to this, he tried to insert the button into the cup before I could pull on the other end, so now I think it is jammed. We have attempted to remove the button, but it is stuck where it is, meaning the upward tabs on the button are jammed under the tabs on the cup, but to no avail. I am afraid that if we try to muscle the button out of the cup it will become damaged. I have tried machine oil to see if I could get it to slip that way, but again could not get it to budge.
Has anyone out there had this problem and were you able to solve it? If so, what did you use to gain enough grip on the button to finally get it to rotate in the cup enough to either get it installed or remove it?
Thanks to all.

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