Re: GPS for 6-volt cars

Posted by DavidPackard on 2020/4/3 11:38:35
I certainly agree with BDC about the portable battery solution of powering modern electric devices. My wife and I both have 26.8K, 3 USB port, portable batteries and use them continuously. Later my wife thought the battery weight was a bit much and we bought a 10K unit (less weight and less capacity). She can roam all day without running out of power to recharge.

As a test, I plugged-in my Garmin into one of the larger portable battery and everything worked just like it was plugged into a 12V 'cigarette lighter' socket. I did run into one 'glitch'. The Garmin came with a power cable that had a small format USB connector at the GPS end, and a 'cigarette lighter' plug at the other. I used a cable from a Canon camera that had the same small format USB plug at the camera end, and the large rectangular USB connector that the battery has.

If you decide to go with the portable battery solution you will also have a pretty handy way to power your GPS, plus the ability of recharge phones (etc.) on the go. You may have to find a cable to make the GPS work, but the cable you'll need is pretty much standard.


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