Re: 1924 Headlight Lens

Posted by Karl on 2021/8/11 3:52:48
David … Erni Venturi, thank you for your advice and informations. I,m an old man and a friend of old school metalwork on old cars. Specially on this “Old Lady” (1924 Sport Phaeton)! And I´ll cover her not in any Plastic to her 100th Birthday. So I´ll fix this problems by the old way on sheet metal work. All dents and waves I´ll smooth out by lead solder how I did it always on this kind of special classic cars. I know that this cost time I don’t have. But I bought 4 weeks a go a new welding machine and this tool make perfect results on thin Sheetmetal. Very less heat and also very little mechanical distortion. This will help to save a lot of time on this work.
In the meantime I spend more than 2000 hr´s on this car to remake a lot of missing parts and restore all from the Frame component .. to build new the complete missing seat cushions to the new build Soft Top Frame. And not to forget all this little parts for the door locks, aluminum moldings for the Floor Wood plates, let cast new Door handles, mirror coating the reflectors of Head - and Fog light lamps, dashboard parts and countless more.
And I´m still have fun on this car. Also because … this will be my last full frame off Car Restauration.

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