Re: 6 Volt Electric Fuel Pump

Posted by Packard Newbie On 2020/11/20 15:28:46
Hey Pat,
Not sure where you got your rebuilt from, but those fresh re-mans sure look nice, don't they?!? All your questions answered already, but one thing I have been wondering and thought I'd throw in here as an additional query - if the electric pump is back at the tank and it is engaged, can it put pressure on the diaphragm of the mechanical pump, possibly damaging it and allowing gas to be able to be pumped into the engine?? I have my electric pump mounted at the tank and have a toggle switch under the dash. I normally only use it in short bursts, as suggested to prime the carb when the car hasn't been started in a while, but I have had a 'senior moment' and forgot to turn it off. I wondered afterward if I could have hurt the mechanical pump?? I've even thought I should change the toggle to a 'spring-on-only' version so that can't happen. Am I worrying about nothing here?!?!? Chris.

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