Re: 1940 120 Banjo wheel horn button

Posted by HH56 on 2021/1/15 17:40:18
I don't believe the push and twist arrangement came into being before the 48 models. 47 at least has a chrome ring which holds the plastic emblem to the horn ring. The chrome piece has tabs which fit into slots on the horn ring and are bent over to retain the emblem.

Here is an illustration of the 47 assy that started with the 41 models and MAY also be applicable to the 40. In this wheel the ring as an assy is held to the wheel by screws coming from the back side of the steering wheel.

Note the steering wheel hub is plastic on this illustration. The banjo wheels have a steel hub so in addition to insulating sleeves around the screws going thru the hub to hold the ring there is also a fiber gasket under the horn ring assy to isolate the horn ring from the grounded hub.

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