Re: Electric fuel pump vs original mechanical fuel pump

Posted by BigKev on 2021/1/26 19:14:53
I have one on my car. I only use it for priming when the car has been sitting a long time or in situations where vaporlock is happening. Otherwise, it stays off and the mechanical pump pulls through it without any issue. My pump is on the inside of the frame rail, mounted near the tank.

My electric is wired of a small toggle switch which takes its feed from Ignition switch on. So for the pump to work, the ignition has to on and then switch also on.

I've had it this way for about 10 years.

Sometimes the car sits for weeks/months between drives. So I can hop in, turn the ignition to On, and hit the toggle switch. I can hear the pump run and the tone will change once the line is "pressurized". Then I turn off switch and start the car. The car will usually start in the first 5 seconds. Even in the middle of winter.

If you go down this route, be aware not all electic pumps are the same. Make sure get one that can be drawn through when it off. Impulse types are generally ok, rotary types are generally not.

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