Re: Packard boat tail

Posted by West Peterson on 2021/2/6 16:27:18
Hi Colin
The car in the top photo is a LeBaron 1937 Twelve All Weather Cabriolet.

The bottom photo, which has caused my eyes to come out of my head, is the Macauley prototype speedster, which was developed from 1932-1934 and featured a 1930 Model 734 body. There were four "production" LeBaron runabout speedsters built based on this car.

Items that identify it as the prototype include the body, with the belt molding wrapping around the cowl (the LeBaron versions did not have that), and the louvered rocker/splash pans (again, the LeBaron versions did not have that).

The whereabouts of this prototype has been lost to time...until now. It obviously went to England, based on the registration plate. What became of it after this photo was taken... Stay tuned.

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