Bumper Question???

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/2/6 18:47:46
As I get ready to remove my bumpers to have them rechromed, I wanted to ask for some guidance on the 'correct' detail.
On the vertical 'bumperettes' there are hexagon indentations into which, the carriage bolts go to both secure the bumperettes, and assist in securing the main bumper to it's mounting brackets. My question is this: Is there a convention regarding colouring of the hexagons? On the front bumper, there is left what looks like either black and red paint or some kind of stickers. How did they come from the factory? All chrome? The hexagons painted or stickered red? and the carriage bolts, should they be chrome, red or black? I think any combination of the above would look okay, i.e. all chrome, or red hex and red bolts, or red hex/black, even chromed bolts; just want to do it 'factory'. Chris.

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