1941 Turn signal bulb

Posted by CartRich on 2021/2/7 11:17:38
I noticed that my left rear turn signal on my 1941 180 was not flashing but my right one was. I took that housing apart and removed the bulb figuring I would just take the other one out and swap them to make sure that it was just the bulb. However, during the removal, the lens dropped on the floor and broke (fortunately it was a clean split on a recessed feature and it should be an undetectable fix). So, not wanting to press my luck on the other lens, I put a multi meter to the bulb and it would appear to be dead. I want to replace it with the same type of bulb so both sides match. It looks to be a 6 volt LED however in my searches I can not find a duplicate. Does anyone have any idea if or where I might get one as shown in the pictures? Even though I don't drive the car in the dark, the LEDs in the tail lights and turn signals throw off a really bright light considering it is a 6 volt system and a bright turn signal is a blessing when driving on Florida streets. If this search doesn't pan out and yield an exact duplicate, does anyone use a similar bulb that I can swap out?

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